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Lincoln started collecting and mixing whiskies for Angels Envy in 2013 before his death. However, its first appearance took place in 2011. Wes Henderson, the son of the late Lincoln Henderson, brought Angel Envy Rye Whiskey in November 2016 into the marketplace. It lasts for three sixty-four days in ice cider casks. This whiskey is known for its flavour transformation. So, if you want to try Angel Envy Finished Rye Whiskey with an iced cider cask, you can place an order online at Drink Liquor Society. We ensure that you get this whiskey at an affordable price.

Dark amber

Caramel candy apple and toasted oak, with faint notes of nuttiness and cinnamon

Bold peppery and cinnamon notes accompanied by vanilla, ripe apple, toffee and butterscotch

A long finish that transitions from spicy to sweet, with notes of brown sugar, apple and hints of earthiness and oak


Angel's Envy


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