Blanton’s Gold Edition Bourbon Whiskey

Without a doubt, this special Blanton edition can be considered one of the world’s greatest bourbons. Originally crafted exclusively for notables, it is the prime choice for bourbon enthusiasts seeking a truly exceptional and intricate experience. Its flavor profile rivals some of the world’s finest cognacs with a full-bodied and rich taste accompanied by a creamy feel. Notes of tobacco smoke, white pepper and rye touch the senses, followed by elegant tones of dark chocolate, oak and citrus fruits upon the tongue. Like a hearty sourdough bread, the Gold Edition is distilled with a sour mash bill for a more mature and robust flavor that leaves one feeling satisfied and at ease.

Tasting Notes
Appearance: Hazel
Feel: Rich and creamy
Nose: Tobacco smoke, white pepper and rye
Flavor: Dark chocolate, oak and citrus

Producer: Buffalo Trace Distillery
Spirits Type: Bourbon
Proof: 103




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