Macallan 10 Year Old Sherry Cask Official Bottling With Original Box


The third edition in the series of batched releases of The Macallan Rare Cask, this Speyside single malt is crafted from some of the rarest stocks in The Macallan…


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Buy Macallan 10 year old sherry oak: Macallan 10 years antique sherry alright is a matured, delicate and elegant whisky. It’s miles matured in American o.k.barrels, from which it takes its rich color and deep flavour. Elderly for ten years in sherry casks from Jerez de la Frontera, this is the company’s conventional expression of a rich, complete-bodied style of whisky. Matured for ten long years in American all rightcasks before being transferred to Oloroso Sherry all rightfor an extra  years maturation.

The Macallan 10 yr old Sherry very wellis a classic dram that’s been matured in sherry all rightcasks, bringing out the pleasant inside the liquid. The distillery’s major intention with that is to create a flavour of peatiness through barrelled maturing. This whisky has a lovely amber colour, with notes of vanilla and caramel at the nose. On the palate it’s aged for three years in American white alrightcasks, giving it mild body, before being completed for 7 years in sherry o.k.cask that deliver it its golden coloration and adds flavours of dried fruit and raisins alongside guidelines of almond paste

About this whiskey

Macallan is a distillery that revolves around Sherry. Sixty percentage of Macallan’s spirit has been aged in Sherry casks due to the fact that 1824, mainly Spanish very wellsherry casks from Jerez and bodegas inside the Andalusia place of Southern Spain. This offers the whisky a deep golden amber with orange and purple highlights, recommendations of peppermint and wood smoke on the nostril, with sweet notes of gingerbread and honey main right into a spicy palate with guidelines of cedar wood and dried fruit.

Macallan 10 year vintage Sherry okayis the first within the new ‘satisfactory Oak’ range, made from a aggregate of the sector’s greatest okaycasks. It offers a multi-dimensional nostril combining notes of vanilla, baked apple and roasted nuts with historical past recommendations of spice, almonds and sherry. The mouthfeel is wealthy and creamy with a long end.

Macallan 10 yr vintage Sherry very wellis a first rate access level scotch whisky. Buy Macallan 10 year old sherry oak,  It has a mild frame and nose, with an oakiness that includes via to the palate. This whisky is completed in sherry very wellcasks from Jerez, Spain and has a strong sweetness from the cask.

Product Specification:

Distillery               Macallan

Collection / Description Sherry Oak

Year Bottled       2000’s

Age        10 yr old

Alcohol ABV       40 %

Cask strength    No

Cask wood kind                Sherry

Single Cask          No

Packaging            authentic box

Bottler  Distillery

Country of beginning     Scotland

Stopper                Cork

Bottle type         general

Bottle size           70cl

Neck stage          complete stage

HTFW Cat. No.   LP6219


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