Discover the rare and unique flavors of Macallan 1981 Exceptional Cask #9780


This limited edition 2018 release captures the warmth of The Macallan’s spiritual home, Easter Elchies, with a distinctively smoky and full bodied character. This…


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Buy Macallan 1981 Exceptional Cask: It is able to be hard to assume today, however for tons of the twentieth century, Macallan became commonly a constituent malt in blends. It was no longer until the 1980s downturn within the market that the distillery determined to attention on its unmarried malt logo. Happily, this coincided with the crest of a wave of enthusiasm for the high exceptional releases that the distillery had licensed to Campbell, wish & King and Gordon & macphail in the Sixties and 1970s. These continue to be a number of the maximum collectible on the market. While global unmarried malt income extent remains lead by Speyside neighbours, Glenfiddich and Glenlivet, Macallan is without difficulty the most well known. So much so in reality, that they had to open a contemporary distillery in 2018, a subterranean architectural masterpiece in the Easter Elchies estate, boasting 36 copper pot stills.

This is the first of six releases in what is now called the authentic ‘exceptional Cask’ variety. These have been the first ever publically available unmarried cask distillery bottlings. Distilled on twenty second December 1981, matured in Fino sherry butt quantity #9780 before being bottled in December 1999.

DISTILLERY          Macallan

BOTTLER              OB

SERIE     extremely good unmarried Cask 1



BOTTLING DATE                23.12.1999

Country                Scotland

Region  Speyside

AGE       18

CASK kind            Fino Sherry timber

CASK wide variety           9780

ALCOHOL percentage    56

Volume                0,5

Condition            In original field

LABEL    best

Stock     0

Additional Info

The spirit of 18 years to experience. The year of distillation is 1981. The whisky has been aged to perfection and released in a confined edition in 1999. Buy Macallan 1981 Exceptional Cask, The creators tailored this whisky to an ABV of fifty six %. The bottle size is 500 ml. The Macallan distillery is located in Moray, Scotland. Seeing that 1824, Macallan single malt whiskey has proven an unrivaled willpower to the perfection of timber and spirit. That is a rare rum from Speyside as this region specifically produces whisky.

A rare 1981 antique 18 years-antique Macallan Sherry okayhighland single Malt Scotch Whisky, which changed into bottled inside the yr 1999 and today certainly one of Macallan s rare unique bottlings from the early 80s.


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