Macallan 1996 Easter Elchies 2013 17 Year Old


An exceptionally rare bottle from The Macallan’s Easter Elchies Cask Selection series. This expression was distilled in 1996 and matured for 17 years in a single…


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Buy Macallan 1996 Easter Elchies 2013: An incredibly rare bottle from The Macallan’s Easter Elchies Cask choice series. This expression changed into distilled in 1996 and matured for 17 years in a single sherry butt before being bottled at a herbal cask power of 55.three% abv in 2013. This malt was the final dram launched of their Easter Elchies collection with just 390 bottles produced.


Distillery Macallan

Series / Description 2013 Easter Elchies

Antique   1996

Yr Bottled 2013

Age 17 yr antique

Alcohol ABV 55.3 %

Cask energy  yes

Cask wide variety 26

Unmarried Cask                yes

Wide variety Bottled 390

Packaging original box

Bottler  Distillery

U . S . A . Of origin Scotland

Bottle type fashionable

Bottle size 70cl

Neck stage complete level

HTFW Cat. No.   LP4385

With humans queuing for lots hours every year Macallan Easter Elchies bottlings at the moment are actually a cult release and with just 390 to be had in 2013 for the world market, opposition to acquire these is fierce

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It could be hard to imagine today, however for much of the 20 th century, Macallan turned into by and large a constituent malt in blends. It was not until the Eighties downturn inside the market that the distillery decided to recognition on its unmarried malt logo. Happily, this coincided with the crest of a wave of enthusiasm for the high high-quality releases that the distillery had licensed to Campbell, desire & King and Gordon & macphail in the 1960s and Seventies. Those continue to be a number of the maximum collectible available on the market. Even as worldwide unmarried malt income extent is still lead by means of Speyside neighbours, Glenfiddich and Glenlivet, Macallan is without problems the most well known. So much so in fact, that they had to open a trendy distillery in 2018, a subterranean architectural masterpiece in the Easter Elchies property, boasting 36 copper pot stills.

Buy Macallan 1996 Easter Elchies 2013, The Easter Elchies single cask bottlings from Macallan were released annually between 2005 and 2013, exclusive to Macallan distillery. This final launch become sold over  days in November and December 2013 to pretty excessive demand, leaving some of disappointed empty-passed customers.

Distilled in 1996 and matured until 2013, this 17 year old unmarried sherry butt #26 yielded 390 bottles.

The Macallan distillery changed into based in 1824 in Craigellachie, Moray. Well-known for his or her use of ex-Sherry casks, Macallan has become one of the international`s most sought-after unmarried malts in recent years.


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