Celebrate with Macallan Anniversary Malt 25 Year Old


This 2020 release from The Macallan is aged exclusively in Oloroso sherry seasoned casks from Jerez for all thirty years of its maturation. The result is a…


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Buy Macallan 25 year old: Macallan 25 bottles are a wellknown shape and length, clean glass bottle. Bottlings previous to 1992 are 75cl and after that they change to the present day trendy of 70cl. Releases previous to the 1990s have a screw cap and modern bottles have a stopper cork. The circumstance of the pill should be considered; scratches and nicks inside the foil (from getting them in and out of the box) will decrease the fee to a collector.

Macallan 25 12 months old records

The Macallan 25 12 months vintage became first released in 1983 and bureaucracy a key part of Macallan’s recognition with creditors. With a release maximum years (with a few exceptions, listed below) and a fair wide variety of bottles available this makes a extraordinary collection to begin gathering whisky.

The Macallan 25 yr old Anniversary Malt collection turned into released by means of Macallan as part of its top notch advertising approach that has seen merchandise from their distillery rise to a number of the maximum popular whiskies on the global marketplace. The bottle was geared toward every person celebrating a 25 yr anniversary, and the original bottles had been bought for less than £30 in 1983. In 2023 the ones identical bottles have reached prices of £5,500 to £6,500 relying at the vintage.

What is your bottle of Macallan 25 yr vintage worth?

Use the guide under to get more information on how the cost of your Macallan Anniversary Malt varies. Please use the touch form to send us the details of your bottle for a bespoke valuation. We allow you to sell your bottle either thru a brokered private sale, through a specialist on-line auction, or via our save.

The label

The label of the Macallan 25 year antique is one-of-a-kind; with a pink, mentioned 25 over black textual content describing the distillery and some of Macallan’s top notch achievements and traditions.

Buy Macallan 25 year old, Previous to 2000, releases of the 25 yr old anniversary malt have the distillery 12 months and bottling year printed at the bottom of the label. From 2000 onward (distilled after 1975) there’s no distilled or bottle 12 months at the label. To achieve the satisfactory prices, label situation of your Macallan 25 should be correct to first-rate, without a scratches or marks. The coloration inside the 25 must nevertheless be bright.


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