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Buy Macallan Annie Leibovitz: Part of the Annie Leibovitz series in Macallan’s Masters of pictures collection, this 1996 antique whisky was matured in an American o.k.butt and is paired with a photo of new York’s iconic skyline, correctly called ‘The Skyline’.

Producer’s Notes


Lemon, citrus end result, vanilla, cream soda. Freshly reduce wooden in heritage. Sweet dessert notes balance out.


Viscous; to start with o.k.flits in then departs to permit cinnamon, citrus, toffee apples to expose their hand, only to reappear later.


Medium end however full bodied.

Locating Macallan skyline whisky on-line is difficult as it’s far an extraordinary providing. Breathe the distinctive end result with a touch of ginger and cinnamon, improving one’s experience. Matured in an American o.k.butt, one could Macallan 1996 buy online from our stores. You can check the specs and pick the exceptional whisky to taste the actual flavor.

If you’re a whisky lover, you then know the importance of finding the proper bottle to add to your series. One of the rarest and most sought-after bottles of whisky is the Macallan 1996 The Skyline Annie Leibovitz. This confined version whisky became released in 2009 in collaboration with the world-renowned photographer, Annie Leibovitz.

The Macallan 1996 The Skyline Annie Leibovitz become first released in 2009 as part of a limited edition series in collaboration with the well-known photographer, Annie Leibovitz. Buy Macallan Annie Leibovitz, The whisky was elderly for 13 years in sherry-pro all rightcasks and bottled at a cask energy of forty eight.9%. The packaging is what makes this whisky so precise; each bottle comes with a label offering a picture taken by Annie Leibovitz of the new york skyline.

The Macallan 1996 The Skyline Annie Leibovitz is a true collector’s object, and its rarity has made it one of the maximum luxurious whiskies on the market. The aggregate of its particular packaging, restricted production, and fantastic flavor has made it a noticeably sought-after bottle among whisky fans.

The taste of Macallan 1996 The Skyline Annie Leibovitz

The Macallan 1996 The Skyline Annie Leibovitz has a wealthy and complex taste. On the nose, you’ll be aware notes of vanilla, toffee, and cinnamon. Whilst you take a sip, you’ll flavor a combination of dried fruits, sherry, and spices, with a long and fulfilling end. This whisky is satisfactory enjoyed neat or with a touch of water to unencumber its complete taste profile.


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