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A big dram for a big occasion. This single malt whisky from The Macallan is a celebration fit for the finest New Year’s eve celebrations, inspired by the Scots’…


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Buy Macallan Estate Single Malt: The macallan estate gives you a subtle trace of citrus which balances the conventional sherried richness, resulting in a complex single malt with a highly long end. Estate gives a completely unique possibility to enjoy uncommon spirit made from macallan’s treasured estate-grown barley and honours the birthplace of every bottle of the macallan.

The spirit of our property

The macallan property is the whisky maker’s tribute to our historical past and home. It’s far a very special new single malt containing uncommon spirit from a proportion of the barley grown at easter elchies property, which is distilled simply as soon as a yr over the course of a single week. Created via whisky maker sarah burgess, the macallan estate is a party of the single malt’s peerless provenance and heritage.

The 485-acre easter elchies property is about inside the legendary speyside region of scotland, wherein the macallan has been developing first-rate single malts given that 1824. Its carefully tended barley fields are positioned on the banks of the river spey, neglected by the macallan’s new award-winning distillery. The macallan property is presented in a putting present p.c. Providing a hand reduce slate panel consultant of the scottish landscape of our domestic. Inner, aerial images showcases the estate’s spectacular barley fields at the banks of the stunning river spey.

The macallan estate can provide a subtle trace of citrus which balances the traditional sherried richness, resulting in a complex single malt with an noticeably long finish. Estate offers a completely unique opportunity to experience rare spirit made from our precious estate-grown barley and honours the birthplace of each bottle of the macallan.

From the cask

Buy Macallan Estate Single Malt, Every macallan single malt well-knownshows the unrivalled dedication to the mastery of wood and spirit for which the macallan has been recognized because it became set up in 1824. It’s miles an expression of our enduring desire to go past normal, to searching for out the first rate, and create peerless unmarried malts.

Our popularity for the wonderful is characterised by way of the top notch very wellcasks for which the macallan is renowned. Sourced, crafted, toasted and seasoned under the watchful eye of the master of wooden, the hand-picked casks are added to the annoying specs of the whisky mastery crew. It’s miles the okaythat makes the finest contribution to the first-class, herbal color and exclusive aromas and flavours on the coronary heart of this unmarried malt whisky.

Once stuffed, the maturing spirit stays undisturbed in the equal casks for the vital wide variety of years it wishes to be worthy of its destined macallan expression. It’s far these alrightcasks that make the finest contribution to the quality, herbal colour and exceptional aromas and flavours which lie at the heart of the macallan unmarried malt.


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