Macallan M Black Single Malt


The king of the Macallan 1824 series – this is the top whisky in this range of non-age statement single malt whiskies. This ‘jewel in the crown’ is a Ruby, with the…


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Buy Macallan M Black Single Malt: A tribute to our unrelenting creativity and craftsmanship, this uncommon expression is a harmonious stability of classic Macallan with an surprising peated be aware, resulting in a complex unmarried malt really worth savouring.

Product records

This launch will not be available at the Macallan on-line Boutique. Situation to availability on the time of your go to, this expression may be to be had at the Macallan estate, The Macallan Airport Boutiques, decided on luxurious motels and bars and top rate stores round the world.

A maximum complex release

Uncommon, black ended casks retaining peated whisky were meticulously selected to create this unique expression. The smoke-infused spirit matured in these sherry seasoned very wellcasks has collected difference and depth over many years.

Our Whisky Mastery group have used this uncommon peat observe to create an brilliant whisky, continuing to push the limits of creativity and craftsmanship. An affectionate records of a whisky, it expressively chronicles bygone crafts of the generations that made it. The ones fortunate to fulfill it’s going to never forget about their rendezvous.

Subtly smoky and brooding it is able to be, but the whisky possesses the spark and breeding of a true Macallan. In its honour, its new home is hand made from black Lalique crystal. The Macallan M Black is completely particular. Precious, peat infused unmarried malt, Lalique finesse and lateral creativity are married seamlessly. This exquisite launch is clearly one to cherish.

A party of mastery

Buy Macallan M Black Single Malt, One of the maximum hard substances within the glass blower’s repertoire, requiring greater time and resource to produce than clean crystal. Those in my view numbered, slender and fashionable decanters are faultless.

Their six aspects are the inspirational acknowledgement of The Macallan’s defining six pillars. Designed with the aid of the Gallic creative visionary, Fabien Baron, the decanter turned into one of the maximum hard that Lalique, actual masters of the art, had encountered. Present day yet classical, their iconic realisation is a reverential triumph.


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