Buy Macallan No. 6 1824 Series

Buy Macallan No. 6 1824 Series: A part of The Macallan Decanter series created to show off the stunning variety of The Macallan’s herbal color, No.6 offers traditional Macallan man or woman in a celebration of richness and spice.

Six sides, one cooperage

No. 6 brings together the artwork of whisky making with Lalique wonderful craftsmanship to create a stunning whisky encased in the greatest crystal decanter. This wealthy, complex unmarried malt takes its particular natural shade and character from first fill sherry pro o.k.casks from Spain, handcrafted by means of the master craftsmen of Jerez de l.  A. Frontera, the house of sherry. The casks are taken from a single cooperage so one can make sure the infinite excellent and individual on the heart of this wealthy single malt. The cooperage completely creates Spanish o.k.casks which, once pro with sherry, create the unique flavor of this super whisky. Rich in spice and dried fruit with a layer of heady orange groves, this is an interesting, darkish, whisky that grants classic Macallan person.

From the cask

Every Macallan unmarried malt exhibits the unrivalled dedication to the mastery of wood and spirit for which The Macallan has been recognised since it changed into installed in 1824. It’s miles an expression of our enduring choice to go past ordinary, to seek out the amazing, and create peerless unmarried malts. With an unflinching commitment to place sherry casks at the heart of The Macallan single malt, our popularity for the super is testament to the awesome alrightcasks wherein we mature our spirit. Sourced, crafted, toasted and seasoned below the watchful eye of The Macallan grasp of wooden, those hand-picked casks are added to the disturbing specifications of The Macallan master Distiller and his group. Buy Macallan No. 6 1824 Series, As soon as filled, the maturing spirit stays undisturbed inside the identical casks for the important wide variety of years it needs to be worth of its destined Macallan expression. It’s miles these very wellcasks that make the greatest contribution to the quality, natural color and extraordinary aromas and flavors which lie on the coronary heart of The Macallan single malt.


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