Macallan Private Eye Limited Edition


This limited edition expression from The Macallan has been produced with a portion of whisky distilled from barley grown on The Macallan’s home of Easter…


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Buy Macallan Private Eye Limited Edition: One of the most collectable Macallans of all time, bottled in 1996 for the thirty fifth anniversary of the well-known satirical mag private Eye. The vatting produced five,000 bottles and protected one cask from 1961. This special edition is likewise specific in that it features a extremely good screenprinted label by way of the legendary gonzo illustrator Ralph Steadman.

Macallan private Eye records

1996 represented a special 12 months for non-public Eye magazine because it changed into their 35th anniversary. To commemorate the event they commissioned a unique bottling by Macallan to be made extensively to be had to its readers. The bottles comprise whisky that turned into distilled in the yr of private Eye’s founding, 1961, that become vatted collectively with a number of other Macallan casks.

The non-public Eye was placed on popular release at £36 in step with bottle. There has been even a nationwide advertising campaign inside the day by day Telegraph. It turned into launched in an edition of 5,000 bottles.  Every bottle changed into individually numbered.

What’s your bottle of Macallan non-public Eye antique really worth?

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The label

The label of the Macallan private Eye is brightly colored and special, having been designed in particular by using Ralph Steadman, who drew for personal Eye and became acknowledged for his political caricatures and cartoons.  The label is made from plastic and, therefore, there may be zero tolerance on scuffs, marks, and scratches. Any damage to the label will lessen what investors and creditors are willing to pay for any precise bottle.

The bottle

Macallan private Eye bottles are a wellknown shape and length, clean glass bottle and are a widespread 70cl volume.

Maximum non-public Eye bottles feature a screw cap this is blanketed by means of a black pill. The circumstance of the pill must be taken into consideration; scratches and nicks in the foil (from getting them inside and out of the container) will decrease the value to a collector. The back of the bottle features a clear plastic label that describes the dark whisky inside in a black font. This bottle is quite not like every other bottle of Macallan.

The extent

The level to your bottle of Macallan private Eye is crucial due to the fact it can considerably have an effect on what creditors and buyers are inclined to pay.  Ideally, the whisky ought to sit down inside the huge a part of the neck of the bottle. Any decrease and the cost starts offevolved to drop. This is due to the fact lower degrees recommend that the tablet is damaged and that evaporation has happened.


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