Experience the exceptional quality of Macallan Rare Cask Batch No. 3


This Speyside single malt from The Macallan was distilled in 1982 and matured for 18 years in specially selected sherry casks from Jerez, Spain.Bottled at 43% abv,…


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Buy Macallan Rare Cask Batch No. 3: The Macallan rare Cask Batch No. 3 2018 release is a uniquely balanced yet complicated unmarried malt. Most effectively the finest casks are hand-picked at the right factor of maturation. Every restrained release batch represents the volume of best 50 ecu sherry seasoned okaybutts.

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Length: 750ML

Proof: 86 (43% ABV)

Beginning: u.s.a.

Distillery: The Macallan Distillery

Particular Description

Here they have a pretty unique dram, and it is the 2018 release and 1/3 batch in the pretty popular uncommon Cask collection from The Macallan. Just like its predecessor, batch three is constructed from whisky drawn from 50 eu alrightsherry butts. The stunning amber liquid become bottled at forty three% ABV, and is presented in a very good-looking decanter.

Distillery records

The Macallan distillery is a single malt Scotch whisky distillery in Craigellachie, Moray. Buy Macallan Rare Cask Batch No. 3, The Macallan Distillers Ltd, is a completely owned subsidiary of the Edrington organization which purchased the emblem from Highland Distillers in 1999.

Macallan rare Cask Batch No.3 2018 release Speyside single Malt Scotch Whisky Tasting Notes

Nose: Aromas of vanilla, raisins, apples and sweet citrus.

Palate: The palate gives warming notes of oak, vanilla and chocolate.

Finish: A lighter, citrus led finish.


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