Is vivacious and floral. captured at its peak by our skillful whisky creators, this single malt is shared at its remarkable best.
Delightfully expressive, the 1997 has a nose complex with fruit, candied sweetness, notes of flowers and hints of ginger and clove.
The palate tingles with subtle spice, as tastes of red fruits and pineapple melt into marzipan. then comes a swirl of ginger and
Sweet chili, before a sweetly spiced finish. an exquisite single malt to be savored and enjoyed..

Tasting Notes:
COLOR: The deep chestnut tones of Glenmorangie Grand Vintage Malt 1997 reflect this whisky’s radiant tastes.

AROMA: Astonishingly perfumed and filled with fruity complexity. Soft notes of rose, jasmine and carnation entwine with ripe red fruits, mint toffee, cake mix and candied top notes.
A splash of water reveals even more floral scents, subtly spiced with sweet chili, clove and ginger.

TASTE: Spice tingles on the palate with a symphony of candy-sweet tastes and more soft red fruits.
Pineapple chunks flow into pears and mandarin pieces in jelly.
Then ginger and sweet chili return, swirled with almond marzipan and vanilla toffee apples.

FINISH: Long and rich, with a final suggestion of sugared sweetness and the merest hint of spice.

Producer: Glenmorangie
Geography: Highland, Scotland
Proof: 86 (ABV 43%)

The exclusive vintages of our Bond House No.1 Collection are all shaped by their own unique stories.
Each distilled in a single year, they are captured at their peak by our skillful whisky creators, and shared at their remarkable best.

The Collection’s seventh release, Glenmorangie Grand Vintage Malt 1997, is vivacious and floral.
With a heart aged in rare Château Montrose red wine casks, from Saint-Estèphe Bordeaux,
This single malt recalls a radiant new dawn at Glenmorangie.

The whisky’s smooth spirit was distilled in 1997, two years into Dr Bill Lumsden’s time at our Distillery.
On his quest to bring different tastes to the world, our Director of Whisky Creation had begun restyling every
Aspect of our whisky making, dreaming of an evermore expressive Glenmorangie.

Already Dr Bill had altered the spirit cut, the moment at which our spirit is taken from our stills, to accentuate its fruity finesse.
And captivated by the possibilities of wood finishing, he had started exploring how rare wine casks could shape our whisky’s taste.

A full 13 years later, that single malt developed extraordinary berried depths.
Delighted, Dr Bill began devising a complex marriage of casks to enhance its unparalleled taste.
Taking whisky wholly aged in bourbon casks, he hinted at Glenmorangie’s hallmark citrus notes.
With whisky finished for many years in oloroso sherry casks, he brought layers of sweetness and spicy finesse,
While a skilful selection of secret casks also played their part.

Aged to perfection over 23 years, Glenmorangie Grand Vintage Malt 1997 brims with red fruits and candied sweetness.
As vivid as Dr Bill’s dream for our whisky, it wondrously celebrates our kaleidoscopic style.

Created for the delight of whisky drinkers old and new, our Bond House No.1 Collection pays homage to its namesake, the largest of our traditional 19th-century bonded warehouses.
For generations, Bond House No.1 served as home to our maturing whisky casks, patiently sheltering them in its depths, on the banks of the beautiful Dornoch Firth.




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