Hakushu 12 Year Japanese Whiskey

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Not long ago, whiskey lovers said it would be best if we left Whiskey making to the scots. But the Japanese created Hakushu whiskey by following their traditional recipe. It is distilled in the guise of a Scotland-based distillery; this handcrafted drink has all the attributes you might have desired in your Whiskey. If you want to taste the prominent flavor of Hakushu Japanese Whiskey 12-year Single Malt, you have to consume it neat or on the rocks. Add a splash of water if you feel that it is too strong. We ensure that you won’t be able to separate yourselves from it. To shop it online, feel free to visit Drink Liquor Society.

Color: Champagne gold
Nose: Basil, pine needle, green apple
Palate: Sweet pear, mint, kiwi
Finish: Green tea, subtle smoke

Proof: 86 (ABV 43%)
Producer: Suntory
Geography: Kinki, Japan


Suntory Whisky


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