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Hazelburn is one of three famous styles of Whiskey produced at Springbank. It is renowned for the unpeated and triple distilled, whereas Springbank is a single malt; it is distilled two and half times and lightly peated. Longrow single malt is heavily peated and twice distilled. A good portion of the hazelburn core range is the 10-year-old bottling of Hazelburn single malt Scotch whisky from the Springbank distillery. If you want to experience Hazelburn Scotch Whiskey for 10 Years, you can buy it online at Drink Liquor Society.

Hazelburn 10 Years Scotch Whiskey Tasting Notes:
Nose: Stewed pears and baked apples are followed by honeycomb and fudge notes.
Palate: A lovely and rich whisky with vanilla and honey flavors, licorice follows with a refreshing zestiness.
Finish: A refined milk chocolate cream finish that is oily and chewy.




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