Hibiki Harmony Japanese Whiskey

Color: Amber.
Nose: Rose, lychee, a hint of rosemary, mature woodiness, sandalwood.
Palate: Honey like sweetness, candied orange peel, white chocolate.
Finish: Subtle, tender long finish, with a hint of Mizunara (Japanese oak).

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Harmony is the right word to describe this well-blended Whiskey prepared from Japanese craftsmanship. Hibiki Harmony Japanese Whiskey is the pinnacle of Japanese Whiskey; it comprises a unique blend of several grains and malt whiskies that are added meticulously and result in an orchestra of flavours and aromas. Hibiki Harmony Japanese Whiskey is both luminous and delicate with wonderful complexities. It smells like rose, rosemary, sandalwood, and lychee, and on the notes, it has the honey-like sweetness of candied orange peel and white chocolate. For the finish, Harmony whiskey is subtle, with a hint of Japanese Oak that lingers on the palate. Enjoying neat, with added water, is best recommended on the rocks. This whiskey pairs remarkably with Japanese food, so drink it with sushi, sashimi or fermented fish. You can prepare wonderful cocktails like Sokaiya that consist of Hibiki, ginger liqueur and bitter Sencha green tea. Buy Hibiki Harmony Japanese Whiskey online at Drink Liquor Society; we ensure the product’s safe delivery to your provided address.


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