A tiny, charismatic scottish isle, that has claimed my palate.

Producer: Lagavulin
Geography: Scotland
Proof: 92 (ABV 46.0%)

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Lagavulin’s Old Scotch Whisky was created in partnership with Nick Offerman. This single Malt Whisky is peaty, woody, spicy and fruity offering. The peaty and woody notes lead from the front and gently tingle your tongue before fading to reveal notes of orchard and sweet berry fruit. This single malt Whisky is rejuvenated and refilled in American Oak Barrels. Therefore, it will suit you more if you serve the Lagavulin 11 Years Old Scotch Whisky in a traditional whisky glass, either with little water or neat. This old scotch whisky holds 92 proofs in 750 ml bottles, besides carrying the 200-year-old tradition of distilling excellence. Lagavulin distillery is considered one of the oldest distillers in Italy.




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