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Mark and Sherri Carter introduced Old Carter American Straight Whiskey in 2020. This whiskey is 12 years old, and its Batch # 3 sits on 138.1 proof as a monster. Old Carter contains an aroma of high-octane caramel, light florals, rye spice, burnt orange rind, and caramel buttercream ice cream. As an individual, you can find stewed strawberries, black pepper, oak spice, and pomegranate seeds on their palate. So, if you want to experience Old Carter Batch #3 whiskey, you can place an order online at Drink Liquor State. We ensure that you get this whiskey at a discounted price.

Distilled in Indiana, Bottled in Kentucky.
Small Batch Aged 12 Years.
Proof: 138.1 (ABV 69.05%)


Old Carter


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