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Macallan is one of Scotland’s largest single malt distilleries with a dedicated fan base. It offers entry-level and well-regarded core products while dominating the scotch auction circuit with this world of 40, 50, and 60 years of expressions. This 15-year-old triple cask scotch is the largest effort of Macallan’s effort to evolve beyond its sherry-forward core expressions. For preparing this single malt Scotch whiskey, Macallan selects the mix of new American and European oak barrels for a year or more instead of using Spanish oak barrels left over from the Sherry industry. This new make spirit is dropped into three different barrels: Sherry seasoned new European oak, Sherry new American oak, and first fill ex-bourbon casks; each is aged independently for 15 years, then married and rested to create the finished product. The result is an elegant medley of dark oak chocolate, orange spice, dried raisins, currants, and plums.

COLOR: Rich straw.
NOSE: Sublime and full, with delicate hints of rose and cinnamon.
PALATE: Intensely rich chocolate with high notes of orange and raisin.
FINISH: Lingering oranges and dried fruit.


The Macallan


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