WhistlePig began when a ragged band of Rye enthusiasts dared to set forth beyond the bounds of past or possibility.
In pursuit of independence, innovation – and ingredients – we landed upon an abandoned dairy barn in the heart of
Vermont farm country. Today, after years seeding, harvesting, mashing, fermenting, distilling and patiently waiting,
Our first barrel of 100% WhistlePig Farm-to-Bottle whiskey is here – and better than we imagined in our wildest Rye dreams.

Grain: 100% Remington Rye
Age: Each Single Barrel Is Aged At Least 4 Years, 1 Month And 30 Days, And Up To 4 Years, 8 Months And 14 Days In Vermont Estate Oak Barrels
Producer: WhistlePig
Geography: Vermont, United States
Proof: 50.05 (ABV 100.1%)




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