William Larue Weller Bottled 2021 125.3 Proof Kentucky


First introduced in 2005, William Larue Weller has historically offered a rare glimpse at what a relatively high age, high quality, barrel proof wheated bourbon should taste like. Aged on the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd floors of warehouses K, L, D, Q, and C, its surprising to note 64% of the original whiskey was lost to evaporation, or the Angels Share as this is often referred to. Unlike some of the recent past years vintages which focused more heavy-handedly on cherry notes, this years edition incorporates more spice and surprisingly, a funky oak note. Because of this somewhat unusual funky oak note for the brand, the whiskeys age is more evident, which will satisfy those who enjoy a bit of oak funk, albeit at the expense of those hoping for another cherry bomb. This combination brings more balance to the whiskey, as no single flavor component overpowers another. Adding a few drops of water tames some of the heat and subdues the bourbons gripping intensity, but still allows the long spicy finish to show through. This years William Larue Weller is another high quality release for the brand, trading wow factor for overall balance. While it isnt a showstopper, it once again maintains a high bar for what a wheated barrel proof bourbon should be.

Nose: Creme brulee.
Palate: Cherry & toasted graham crackers.
Finish: Long, rich finish of coca, herbs, and oak.

Producer: William Larue Weller
Region: Kentucky, United States
Proof: 125.3 (62.65% ABV)


Buffalo Trace


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